What plugins are not allowed?

We don’t restrict the use of plugins by default, but to ensure you get the most from Tap and that your site runs at its optimal performance, we strongly encourage you not to use the following plugins (we don’t allow them!):

Caching Plugins – Tap handles this at a server level: WE Total Cache,
Security Plugins – Tap proactively scans for security threats and is quick to respond to any found, so to avoid clashes and reduced performance it’s best to leave this to us.
Backup Plugins – Tap manages backups for you and duplicating this process can be resource intensive and make everything a bit complicated.
Unsuitable Plugins/Known Issues – These are plugins with known issues or that have caused problems on Tap in the past: PeepSo.

We can be known to get a bit nasty and even suspend accounts if you are found to be using the above or any other dodgy plugins we may have missed.

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